Lower back pain is a very common problem in our society. Statistically 80% of the population willMan with lower back pain in office experience low back pain at some point in our life. Low back pain can come on suddenly as a result of a strain or injury but it can also hit someone unexpectedly and seemingly “out of the blue” for no apparent reason. The pain can be very localized or it can radiate up or down the back, into the buttocks and also into the legs and feet. Pain that is felt down the leg is typically referred to as sciatica.

What causes lower back pain?
There can be a number of sources for the pain. It can come from soft tissue such as muscles and ligaments. Pain can also come from the joints or discs of the spine either from an abrupt injury or strain or from osteoarthritis that flares up for some reason. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and is caused by excessive wear and tear on the joints or joints that are have been “stuck” for a long time causing the cartilage to break down. Pain can also come from nerves that are being irritated or pinched. Pinched nerves can be a result of vertebrae shifting out of alignment and/or discs in between the vertebrae bulging or herniating against delicate nerve tissue.

How can chiropractic help lower back pain?
Dr. Guarnaccia of Oakville Chiropractic Life Centre specializes in determining the source of a persons’ lower back pain by doing a very thorough consultation and examination. His examination includes a number of tests such as postural analysis, checking ranges of motion, orthopaedic and neurologic tests, palpation of the spine and surrounding tissues, and specialized computer scans to analyze the muscles and thermal activity along the spine. If he determines that there is a structural issue with the spine and/or pelvis, he will do X-rays immediately. He will then let you know if the problem is one that he can help you with or if he has to refer you out to another healthcare provider. If your problem is a chiropractic one, there are a number of gentle and low force techniques that Dr. Guarnaccia uses to help his patients. The chiropractic adjustments help to move the vertebrae into a better position so the pressure is relieved from the nerve and the body can begin to heal and eventually stabilize in a better position. Dr.Guarnaccia has helped hundreds of people in his community to regain their health and maintain a greater quality of life.