It has helped relieve me of severe headaches and back pain that I have been suffering with since I was 10! I have better balance now as well and better flexibility.

Brittany G.

Since having regular chiropractic adjustments I have noticed a change in my allergy symptoms. Usually seasonal, I’ve noticed my symptoms have decreased significantly. I find I no longer have to take my allergy medication at all!
At the beginning of my care, I had severe frequent headaches that began to decrease in frequency as I continued my treatment. Today my headaches are almost gone, and I rarely have to deal with incapacitating pain any longer.

Lisa I.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Guarnaccia for several years now, and I wouldn’t change if I didn’t have to. He is knowledgeable and very flexible with scheduling walk-in appointments. After a car accident I had, Dr. Sebastian took great care in getting me back to health. I’m very thankful to know of this place, to keep me in good health!

Alex C.
Oakville, ON

Chiropractic has helped a lot. It has relieved a lot of tension I carry in my neck. Also, the tingling in my arm has stopped. Standing for long periods of time used to be very difficult due to pain in my lower back and now it doesn’t bother me the same way. This has helped me a lot especially for work.

Ashley G.
Oakville, ON

Wow! What a difference!  I was definitely one of those skeptics when it came to chiropractic care until I really hurt my lower back. I came into Doctor Sebastian’s  office from a friend’s referral, and boy, am I glad I did! Not only is everyone extremely friendly, but thorough in ensuring I get the best care. Now that I understand chiropractic care helps my WHOLE body (not just my aches and pains) I am extremely grateful! No more stiff neck, tingling arms or lower back pain. Thanks Dr. Sebastian!

Candice R.
Oakville, ON

For two long years I experienced really severe pain in my right knee.  I saw every Doctor you could ever think of, and every Doctor put me on stronger and stronger pain medication.  I waited 6 months to see the surgeon and when he finally saw me, he told me that he had to operate on my knee and that I would be out of commission for 3-4 months.  At this point when I was told this information I was only 21 years old and I was not prepared to have this surgery done.  The surgeon was not even sure that the surgery would permanently cure my pain.  I decided to try physiotherapy, it was informative with stretches and such, yet I was still in such bad pain that it did not matter what I did, nothing relieved it. 

Then one day in June of 2005 I began working for Dr. Guarnaccia and he began adjusting me.  When he went over my X-rays, I was in total and complete shock.  My back had many subluxations and my hips were not in alignment and he said with regular chiropractic adjustments he would work on my subluxations and my knee.  So with a lot of faith in him I found that with each adjustment that I was having, I was getting more and more relief.  Eventually after about 6 months I was able to return to my regular gym routine that for almost 3 years I could not do.  Now I can run again and I work out regularly.  I thank Dr. Guarnaccia and chiropractic care for the shape that I am in now.  Without the treatment that I received, I believe that I would have been in worse shape, and now I am pleased to say that I feel no pain at all and I take no pain medication.  I can’t really explain the thanks that I have for the treatment that I have received and that I continue to receive. 

I would recommend Dr. Guarnaccia to anyone who believes in living without being in pain and without taking pain medication.  Chiropractic care is something that has the power to completely change your life, it has changed mine.

Colleen R.
Oakville, ON

Prior to treatment I was in constant back pain and had been increasing for the past few years. I was living with the pain for so long I somehow thought it was normal. I was introduced to Dr. Guarnaccia and my life changed!
It wasn’t my first time seeing a chiropractor, I consulted one many years ago but I didn’t feel that I was getting the results I needed, so I stopped going. When I made the appointment with Dr. Guarnaccia I was a bit skeptical… but that quickly changed. He took x-rays and scans of my back (which I had never had before), and was so thorough I was COMPLETELY IMPRESSED! When Dr. Guarnaccia sat with me and showed and explained the scans it was definitely an eye opener. There it was… PROOF… proof of my pain, and a plan to get rid of it.
I have been seeing Dr. Guarnaccia for about 9 months now, and not only do I feel so much better, I have had progress checks (scans done of my back) to prove that my back has improved.
I am so happy I made the decision to call Dr. Guarnaccia’s office when I did. This has been such a positive experience for me I know I will continue on seeking chiropractic treatment with Dr. Guarnaccia in years to come.
Thanks so much!

Deaana M.
Oakville, ON

Since going to Dr. Sebastian, I have had significant changes in my body. When I first started I could barely stand with a straight back and had pains and aches all over my body. In the last six months I can now stand up straight with better posture, and the aches and pains are gone! Thanks Oakville Chiropractic Life Centre!!

James H.
Oakville, ON

I have been coming to this office for almost twenty years. It started off with migraines but since then the migraines went away, but I had other issues such as indigestion, back pain and neck pain. I have been kept healthy. I am happy with my care here. The secretaries have been very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Sebastian has really been good to me. I would recommend chiropractic care to everybody I know. Thank you so much!

Ramesh M.
Etobicoke, ON

I came in originally with lower back pain and neck pain, and difficulty with walking or bending. Miraculously through Dr. Guarnaccia’s treatments the pain decreased and I am able to walk and bend much better. Treatment Works! Don’t be afraid!

Richard F.
Mississauga, ON

From my early 30’s, I suffered from sciatica, back pain and acute neck and shoulder pain.  Various doctors prescribed a neck brace, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and in one case, suggested surgery, which I refused.  Massage therapy and occasional visits to a chiropractor would offer a little short term relief.

Five years ago, at age 63, I retired and moved to Oakville where I met Dr. Guarnaccia who assured me that he would be able to help me.  I began with three visits a week to Oakville Chiropractic Life Centre, gradually reducing my appointments to once weekly.  Chiropractic adjustments are always pain-free, gentle, and comfortable.  Dr. Guarnaccia advised me on stretches and correct posture, and encouraged the continuation of many activities such as badminton, walking, bike riding, dancing and aerobics.

Not only has chiropractic helped me live virtually pain-free, my body is able to heal much more quickly, and common ailments are a thing of the past.  When back or neck pain recur, Dr. Guarnaccia knows exactly what to do to give me relief.  The arthritis in my neck will persist, but chiropractic is helping it remain stable.  My husband is so impressed that he too now benefits from being one of Dr. Guarnaccia’s regular patients.

Dr. Guarnaccia is a polite, understanding, respectful and gentle person.  I am very grateful to him and to the pleasant and helpful staff at OCLC.

Yvonne M.
Oakville, ON

Oakville Chiropractic Life Centre is a very good place to be if you really care about your spinal health. The staff is really professional and they do care for their patients. Dr Sebastian listens carefully to our health complains and he is never tired of explaining everything in details . The environment is very welcoming and the other staff at the office is very kind and always helpful.

The ongoing care I have received there is excellent. Sebastian always goes above and beyond with his care. I had back and neck issues (unable to turn my neck properly in the car to back up) when I started several years ago with Sebastian but now everything works and I am pain free!

– Rosie B.

Dr. Sebastian is real good, knowledgeable, approachable and very effective.

– Claudious S.

I must say the staff are very helpful and friendly. There has been numerous times when my pains were ver bad I needed to see the doctor so I can go on with my day . They were able to get me in to see Doctor with in the same day .

I came to this center for a more thorough service than I was getting where I was before. The doctor is helpful. It just takes time to heal there are no quick fixes.

It is a place I enjoy visiting. Tamara is very polite, friendly, helpful and always greets me with a smile. Dr. Guarnaccia is very professional, knowledgeable, caring and I like the fact he is interested in my life and shares info about his life too. He seems to be in a good mood always and that makes me feel good too. Excellent Chiropractic Center !!!

Really great service. Great stuff. Thank you Dr. Sebastian Guarnaccia. Very professional.